Tonight’s homework was to read Acts 16:16-34, which Lauren did out loud. She was to then write a prayer about being a witness. I was very impressed with how well she was able to read and grasp what was happening.  

Hey Dad, can we go to the park?

Photo May 02, 1 01 04 PM

“Hey dad, can we go to the park?”

My first reaction was to answer with “We’ll see.” Which usually means no.  But I thought, why not go?  What do I need to see about?  It was either a yes or a no.  Would I want them outside playing or sitting indoors behind an iPad?  So we went to the store to get some picnic items then headed to the park! Continue reading



At the park and we are officially hiking according to the girls. Emily said to me:

“Daddy, try not to step on any bugs because they are just trying to live. All they want is to have some life.”

The girls were pretty adamant about taking back packs. Lauren packed 2 stuffed animals and Emily packed paper and crayons. If we got stuck in the wilderness I worry about how long we would survive. 



Lambie was left at gymnastics last night. Apparently this was not discovered until bed time when it was too late to go get him. So my mission this morning was to be at gymnastics when they opened so we could rescue lambie. We walked in and found him in the cubby where he was left. One little girl was a whole lot happier!

Throwback Thursday

These were Emily’s first school photos from Hampton First Baptist Academy back in Georgia.  She hated having photos taken, something that has thankfully changed.  Normally she cried and refused to take photos.  The school even brought Lauren in to try and cheer her up.  I don’t recall the year on these, but her facial expression was priceless and naturally these are my favorite school pictures of her so far.


The Valentine’s Day Monster Box

A little late on this, but that is what happens with this blog.  Rarely do I sit down and write up something the minute it happened.

For Valentine’s Day, the girls had to create a Valentine’s Day box.  I really don’t recall what other instructions were given.  Gina had deferred to me since I was “the creative one” which in turn led me to Google.  Ha!  I found a box online and showed it to Lauren, so all we needed was a few supplies to make it happen.

Photo Feb 11, 5 33 19 PM Continue reading