This kid

Last weekend the weather was so awesome we ate lunch outside. I snapped this photo:

When Emily heard the noise of me taking a photo she sat up and posed. I guess this is her default photo pose right now.


All Heart

I was out of town in Minnesota recently and when I am gone, which is thankfully rare, it seems Lauren misses me most. 

I picked her up from school and it was a surprise to her. She ran into my arms and cried. Melted my heart. 

She also carried a photo of us in her backpack every day. 


Library Books

Emily has started going to the library at school and I am determined to read these with her. When I first asked her if she wanted to read the book at night, her face lit up. 

It is so obvious she is growing and changing. Her class is demanding more, as it should, and we are adjusting with it. Last week we didn’t do so great helping memorize her weekly verse, but we have focused on it like we need to this week. And mid-week she is already knows it. The flash cards are really helping with her sight words too. 

She actually got upset on Monday because she didn’t want to go to school saying she didn’t know her verse yet. We explained she has all week and that her teacher will be proud when she knows it. It isn’t like she is punished by missing it, but we also want to boost her confidence 

So far, so good. 

Back to the program

The girls started school and it’s been quite an adjustment for all of us. 

Last year we had to walk Emily in because we had to sign her in and out. Now they both are officially carpool riders. They are doing great. Me on the other hand, it’s still hard to drop them off and watch them walk in. I miss walking with them in the hallway and holding their hands. 

They are both in uniforms which is a great thing for us. It saves quite a bit of time and frustration since we don’t have to really pick out what to wear any more. I love seeing them together dressed alike, something they chose to do most days. 

We get a lot more emails from the school. More projects, more homework, more everything. But the girls are certainly ready and doing great so far. 

Picture Day

Lauren has picture day today. She wanted to wear her CAL earrings and have her hair pulled back. She said last year they asked her to pull it forward. I noticed she had on a necklace and makeup so this was something important to her. 

I told her to ask the photographer to leave her hair back and she was still a little worried. So I told her “Just tell them your dad wants your hair back.” She paused for a second and then let out this big smile. Such a sweet young lady. I don’t get a lot of things right as a dad but I always want to reinforce how beautiful she is, inside and out.