I have done a lot of cool things in my 39 years. I have a lot of great memories and experiences. Last night was one of those that I know I will always cherish as I got to baptize my oldest daughter. I was able to keep it together long enough to do it but as soon as we were all back behind the scenes we broke down with tears of happiness. This photo was a still from a video and the expression on Lauren’s face chokes me up every time I see it. 


The other morning both girls were in our bathroom. After listening to what was going on I figured I should intervene. Rightfully so as I had to explain to Emily that Glade was not perfume. 


Photo Nov 01, 5 04 50 PM Photo Nov 01, 5 17 08 PM

With Gina at work on Sunday, and meal prep done, the girls were tired of sitting at home and asked to go do something fun.  They both said they wanted to go to the book store.  Kinda took me off guard.  OK, their first request was House of Boom.  But since that was closed, the book store it was!  Both girls could spend forever in a book store.  Lauren seems to really enjoy it now.  She brought over countless books to show me, all of them were biographies.  She latched on to a book about Gabby Douglass (US Gymnast) and even said she would promise not to be on her iPad as much if I bought it for her.  Even more shocking was that she immediately started to read it in the car.  Emily picked up a fun book as well, colorful and artistic, just as her outfit was!  Happy that both of them enjoy books and reading.


Thankfully the rain stopped long enough for the girls to go trick or treating.  Lauren was a zombie princess and Emily was a minion.  Lauren spent half the night passing out candy until she wanted to get out and get some for herself.  I escorted Emily around the entire neighborhood, which meant watching her run to every single house with a light on.

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