Now a Tiger

Some photos from one of Lauren’s softball practices at the church. She is now officially an Auburn Tiger. As a die hard UGA fan, that is painful to say. We get her uniform soon.



Lauren is now signed up for girls softball at the church. She said she wanted to do it at the church instead of school to make new friends. Braver than I am, that’s for sure, but I am more than happy to support it.

Today we got gloves and tossed the ball around the back yard. She had this giant grin on her face the entire time. She said “Daddy, I dreamed about playing softball with you.”

I could have stayed in the backyard throwing that softball with her for days.

Coyotes and Problems

Normally we are working with Lauren on a school project. But Emily has a presentation due this week on Coyotes. I don’t remember doing this with Lauren when she was in kindergarten. 

Tonight Emily did great. We worked on her poster and will do some practice tomorrow talking about it and presenting it. Though she seems tired, she still did great and never complained. 

At bath time, she got shampoo in her eyes and was crying. I helped wash the shampoo out of her hair and got her out of the tub. As she stood in her room she said “Daddy. You’re really good at solving problems.” 

I hope and pray that I can always do that for her regardless of her age and it warms my heart to know that she sees me as someone capable of helping and fixing things. 

Little Prayers, Big Heart

I love it when Emily prays. When she says the blessing before meals she usually says the same thing. But what she says comes from the heart. She always includes this:

“Please help the people that don’t have mommies and daddies get mommies and daddies. And please help the people on the roads get a house.”

Broke my heart when I heard her say that the first time. To pray for orphans and the homeless is so touching. I want us as a family to do more than merely pray. Looking for ways to give to those we pray for as well. 

But her prayers are certainly a start and it always provides me with perspective.