Throwback Thursday

These were Emily’s first school photos from Hampton First Baptist Academy back in Georgia.  She hated having photos taken, something that has thankfully changed.  Normally she cried and refused to take photos.  The school even brought Lauren in to try and cheer her up.  I don’t recall the year on these, but her facial expression was priceless and naturally these are my favorite school pictures of her so far.


The Valentine’s Day Monster Box

A little late on this, but that is what happens with this blog.  Rarely do I sit down and write up something the minute it happened.

For Valentine’s Day, the girls had to create a Valentine’s Day box.  I really don’t recall what other instructions were given.  Gina had deferred to me since I was “the creative one” which in turn led me to Google.  Ha!  I found a box online and showed it to Lauren, so all we needed was a few supplies to make it happen.

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Throwback Thursday

This was a video that Lauren recorded on her own.  I believe that she used Gina’s phone to do it and then texted the video to me.  I was about to run a 5K when I got it and had to walk to where nobody would see me because I got so emotional.

April 15, 2012

Snowmageddon 2015, The Sequel

Photo Feb 18, 8 23 48 AM
Photo Feb 18, 8 28 11 AM

The weather report said maybe one or two more inches this morning.  I think we got a little more than that.  The roads that were mostly cleared away were once again powder coated white.  Our driveway was covered once more to the point where you could not even tell that I had shoveled everything the night before. Continue reading

Snowmageddon 2015


Over the weekend the talk of snow grew and by Monday morning it was on it’s way to our area. Just like most weather predictions, it ranged from the entire south east would be buried in an avalanche to a few inches of snow.  Looking at a few different news channels and taking the average, my guess was about 8-10″. (More behind the jump)

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This weather

One of the fondest memories of my first year in Louisville was the winter weather. I loved waking up and glancing through the blinds in the bedroom and seeing the soft white blanket covering outside. It made me feel like a kid again and was another reminder that moving was the right thing for us.