Before It Melts Away…

Another day of canceled school. Another morning waking up to a solid white coating. Absolutely love it.


Growing up in Georgia, I rarely can remember when we had a lot of snow, and when we did, there was never enough to make a big snowman.  After shoveling the driveway, I realized we had more than enough snow to make one.  Thinking back on it and comparing it to today, I really think that the snowman we made today was the biggest I have ever made.  And we had a blast doing it.  Plethora of photos behind the jump. Continue reading

Book Talk


Lauren has a big presentation next week.  She is doing a “Book Talk” where she has to give a presentation about a book that she has selected.  Going from memory, she also has to wear a costume and use props to illustrate her story.  She was pretty excited about it and even showed me the setup in the library.  I also found out they are recorded (Lauren told me it would later “be available online.”) so this has become a big deal.  Naturally we needed to practice and doing it in front of a camera with an audience was just the trick. Continue reading

Right on time


Lauren has decided that she wants an alarm clock so that she can get up in the mornings and get ready for school in time. Pretty shocking development but a good one. Gina took her out to get a little clock for her room. Will see how this goes.


Yesterday, Lauren brought home a little twist to her weekly memory verse for school.  This was a “door hanger” that she decorated and drew all over.  On each side is a snowflake (Can you tell the snow here has made an impact on her?), as well as the people that are allowed to enter: Emily, Dad, and Mom.  In the center, the random numbers are her password and color code.

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