Lauren’s Artwork

Lauren was able to pick out some of her art and have it on display at school.  It was really a neat moment for me as it reminded me of when I got to do the same.  I have always loved art and seeing her show that same interest was great to watch.  She was so proud of her artwork and couldn’t wait to show us.

art1 art2 art3

All of the hallways have art from the elementary school right now and it makes everything look so much more vibrant and alive.  I stopped in to the art teacher and told her how much I loved seeing the art on display and how Lauren enjoyed it as well.

Birthday Party Fun

Lauren was invited to a birthday party.  With Gina at work, I was glad they did not mind if I brought Emily.  I opted to hang around with the girls.  Lauren asked me to just in case her head hurt like it did at the school pajama party.  Since I had never been to this house before I figured it would be a good idea to stay close to the girls. e8 They had an absolute blast.  While I heard more Frozen karaoke than I ever care to hear again, it was great to see the girls have so much fun.  Some crazy pics of Emily after the jump. e6 Continue reading

Pajama Friday Night

The girls had a special invite to school for some Christmas fun and a little movie at the school, in their pajamas.  This was last Friday night, so as soon as we got home, we had dinner, changed, and then it was back to the school.  They were pretty excited.

pj1 pj2

When I picked them up, I could tell the look on Lauren’s face was not right.  As soon as we got outside she broke down crying because her head was hurting her.  It was really warm in the building and she had on warm pajamas.  I think with all the activity she got overheated and had a bad headache.  To top it off, she said during the movie that many kids were loud.  If you are hot and have a headache the last thing you want is anyone to be loud.

We got home, got her changed and in our bed, and a cool washcloth over her eyes.  That seemed to help tremendously.  When she cooled off and started to feel better from the medicine, she did say that she had fun.  Too bad it was a bit over-shadowed by the heat and headache.

Halloween, 2014


I was looking for some old documents on the PC and came across some old photos of the girls.  I like to think I can remember everything about every photo but the truth is I can’t.  So I need to jot things down more and hopefully keep this updated a little better.

Halloween this year went a lot smoother than last year, mainly because of the weather.  Though we did get some sleet in the middle of Halloween, it was toward the end of the night and the girls already had full baskets of candy.  We also passed out a ton of candy from the house, too.  So the weather did us a favor. Continue reading